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Infrastructure - Euro International School Sec. 37D


Our school provides an interactive and outstanding atmosphere to all. We have a unique interactive method of education for comprehensive child growth.
Children have all the liberty to interact with the teachers. A proper platform is provided to the children to explore themselves. Mental growth of the child is our prime aim. We run the school on Parliamentary principles. Every parents has a right to actively participate in school growth by sharing their views with the school management. "As joint efforts bring better results".


The school library is well stocked on various subjects including a special reference section. Fresh titles are being added on a regular basis. The library subscribes to a wide range of popular magazines journals, news papers etc. The young minds need to thing out of the box and for that they need references.
The library is open for all the students of the school and each class is provided with one or two library periods per week. Students are advised to make the best use of the library and to develop a flair for reading. Special story books and picture books are made available for the little ones.

1. Each student of class Ito VIII will be issued 1 borrower ticket.
2. Students will be allowed to borrow books only on their own cards.
3. Students must maintain absolute silence in the library.
4. Books other than reference books will be issued for 1 week. Reference books will also be issued to the students during weekends for 2 days. If the library books are returned late without a valid reason, the borrowing facility will be withdrawn for 2 weeks.
5. Books marked, disfigured or damaged will have to be replaced or repaired by the borrower.
6. The library has an open shelf system and students must adhere to the order in which the books have been arranged on the shelves. They must put the books back on the shelves after consultation.


"A healthy mind lies in a healthy body". We aim at the overall development of a child and hence we try our level best to be the leading school of sports. Our vision is to be the leading school of sports. We encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle, among students and staff through involvement in sports and also enable those who have the ability and desire to be successful at the highest possible levels. As a student you have a superb opportunity to participate in a wide variety of both individual and team sports for fun or at a competitive level. The sports facilities offer students a fantastic choice of games - Indoor games (Chess, Carom board, Table tennis), Outdoor games like (Football, Skating, Basketball, Cricket, Volley ball, Yoga and Aerobics).
Here the students can recreate, refresh and energize themselves.


"Every child has a right to be innovative, smart and extra ordinary". Euro group of schools believe in serving a platform for effective teaching by providing smart classes. Sometimes, the students find, difficult to concentrate in regular classrooms. Our classrooms give the solution to this problem by introducing technology enabled teaching and learning tools.We provide an ambiance in which the students learn by observing practically.
The contents in smart class have been specially created for the Indian syllabi and are based on the philosophy of "seeing is believing" So, by associating new material through smart class with something familiar, students can better understand if visuals are presented before them and retain new information.
Smart classes increase motivational aspect by which children learn in a better way and the animations make the class much more interesting.


Keeping in mind focus on the complete understanding of science subjects. Knowledge can not be considered a full-fledged knowledge unless it is put into action. To understand the Science subjects thoroughly and practically, we offer this provision of science labs. Science labs offer an inside coverage of subjects like physics, chemistry, biology and environmental science. We focus on developing high order thinking skills among children. The hands on learning kits are targeted towards stimulating young minds.
* Hands on learning for highest form of understanding.
* Helpful for students to remember the concepts in a better way.
* Feeling of accomplishment when a task is completed.
* Helpful to transfer the experience to the learning situation.


Present day is the time of scientific advancement and information technology where computers are becoming indispensable. The Modern era is completely advanced and computerized as information technology has become widespread. It is made sure that the Euro Kids are in no way left behind whether it is the usage of Multimedia kits for computer games and animations, or for advanced software development. Equipped with the latest Pentium systems, the computer tab is very much in tune with the times. Apart from effectively aiding in teaching the prescribed syllabus, which includes understanding of spreadsheets, database management, graphics, internet and basic programming several projects are also assigned by subject teachers, which have to be completed using the computer. Computers allow students to interact with the world beyond the classroom through software, web lessons and email. With the help of latest computer software, the students of all classes are imparted the CBSE / NCERT syllabus so as to put into practice the principle of "seeing is believing"which makes learning easier.